A drop in car price can be quite a shock to some car buyers, especially those who have paid a considerable amount in the first place. GAP Insurance is useful to such motorists is it covers the costs unaccounted for by an insurance premium, which works on the current value of the car, rather than what was paid for it, and doesn’t account for any interest or balloon payments you’re yet to make.

At CSW Insurance Brokers Ltd, we can simplify what may seem like a complicated addition to your car insurance policy, but is actually a cover which in certain circumstances could save you a lot of money.

An expert member of our team will ask questions to find out how old your car is, and what financial arrangements you have in place, so they can advise you whether GAP insurance is going to be useful for you, and if so what kind of cover will work best.

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Key features
  • Return to value
  • Return to invoice
  • Vehicle replacement
  • Finance
  • GAP for van or car
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