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There’s a lot to gain by asking the right questions. For us at CSW Insurance Brokers Ltd, it means we can get to the heart of what matters most in your business – your customers, your staff, trouble-free operations – and make a clear representation of what you need to the insurance provider.

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Our Comprehensive Insurance Services

Our range of comprehensive insurance services is designed to provide you with peace of mind, ensuring you and your loved ones are protected in every aspect of life.

Private Car Insurance

Private car insurance is something you have to get right. As most policies provide annual cover, if you don’t have the right insurance, amending it before your renewal date could be difficult and come at a cost.
The team at CSW Insurance Brokers Ltd aim to eliminate the bother associated with arranging your car insurance, with a clear explanation of just what you can expect to be covered and the options available according to your budget and needs.

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GAP Insurance

A drop in car price can be quite a shock to some car buyers, especially those who have paid a considerable amount in the first place. GAP Insurance is useful to such motorists is it covers the costs unaccounted for by an insurance premium, which works on the current value of the car, rather than what was paid for it, and doesn’t account for any interest or balloon payments you’re yet to make.

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Classic Car Insurance

If you’re looking for classic car insurance to protect your vintage or cherished vehicle, you might be nervous to opt for any old policy, and rightly so.
Classic car insurance is a specialist type of vehicle insurance which is designed to accommodate the worth, use and current market value of your vehicle as standard car insurance simply isn’t up to protecting vehicles of this kind.

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Household Insurance

If you don’t know the way in which you need your household insurance to work, or indeed know which cover’s going to be suitable for you, you could spend a long time searching for a policy online and still end up with cover that’s not quite right.While we offer a range of household insurance policies through our service at CSW Insurance Brokers Ltd, we only put forward those which are relevant to you.

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High Net Worth Insurance

You would be forgiven for thinking that all home insurance is the same, but making sure you have the right cover in place from the beginning can make all the difference in the long-term. High net worth home insurance is designed not only to insure properties of significant value, but to protect other areas of your life including worldwide travel and legal protection.

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Caravan Insurance

Pitching up without the right equipment can make for a less than pleasant trip away, and having only the bare-minimum in insurance cover will do little to solve any problems that do come up. Our team at CSW Insurance Brokers Ltd have helped clients across Dumfriesshire, Cumbria and the Borders to arrange cover that’s appropriate for the use of their motor home, static caravan, touring caravan or trailer.

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Provisional Drivers Insurance

It’s not easy being a provisional driver with today’s rates, but having the right insurance in place is just as important when you’re learning to drive as it is when you’re an experienced driver. Through provisional driver insurance arranged by CSW Insurance Brokers Ltd and underwritten by Chaucer Insurance, we’re committed to providing premiums which are more affordable, on policies which are flexible and fit for purpose, whether you need it for yourself or the person who’s learning in your car.

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Breakdown Insurance

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how well-maintained your car is, breakdowns can strike at any time. With breakdown cover from CSW Insurance Brokers Ltd, you can at least be sure that if your car fails to start, or cuts out completely, you’ll be back on the road in no time.

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Home Emergency Insurance

Boilers, central heating and electrics – your home relies on a lot. Without home emergency insurance, you could be hit hard if things go wrong.Searching for home emergency cover online may seem like the quickest or easiest option, but without the support and knowledge of which policy works where and how, you could be exposing your home to a whole host of risks including pest infestation and loss of utilities.

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Family Legal Expenses Insurance

Careful and considerate though you may be, there a plenty of scenarios which start with a small issue, and end up entangled in legal proceedings.Disputes and jury service can happen at any time, and without family legal expenses this could mean you have to pay hundreds – maybe even thousands – in legal expenses.

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