Legal Expenses

If you were involved in a legal battle, knowing that any money you spend on legal bills would be reimbursed could make all the difference.

Legal expenses insurance does just that. It ensures that your business remains financially stable after a legal case by compensating all incurred costs.

Choosing a legal expenses policy isn’t always straightforward and gaining professional advice on this is advised. That’s where we can be of use at CSW Insurance Brokers Ltd. We’ll look into what type of legal insurance is right for your business and provide a competitive quote quickly without over-complicating matters – a simple way to give you confidence in any legal battles you might face.

Call us on 01461 337 751 or email and a member of our team will be happy to answer your questions.

Key features

  • Employment and contract disputes
  • Legal defence
  • Statutory licence appeal
  • Property and tax protection