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There’s a lot to gain by asking the right questions. For us at CSW Insurance Brokers Ltd, it means we can get to the heart of what matters most in your business – your customers, your staff, trouble-free operations – and make a clear representation of what you need to the insurance provider.

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Shops & Offices Insurance

Before you go ahead and arrange retail business insurance, take a closer look at your premises and consider how your shop or office could be affected by adverse weather, a liability claim or professional negligence.
These are the things that our team at CSW Insurance Brokers Ltd consider when doing the groundwork for your business protection.

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Landlords & Property Owners Insurance

We appreciate that protecting your property is not always easy, and maintaining it correctly can present a challenge if it’s rented to a business or group of tenants.
A sure fire way to make sure that your property is properly looked after is to have the right insurance. At CSW Insurance Brokers Ltd, we provide landlords’ and property owners’ insurance for a variety of clients; from those who use the property for domestic purposes, to others who need a specialist commercial let property insurance.

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Landlord Legal Expenses Insurance

It’s a landlord’s job to make sure their property is well looked after. Maintaining tenant contracts is a huge part of this, which is why legal expenses insurance is so important.
Landlords’ legal expenses insurance is a specific type of legal cover which compensates you if your tenant doesn’t pay their rent, or the property is damaged for example. But this is just a snippet of the kind of legal issues this insurance can help with.

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Legal Expenses Insurance

If you were involved in a legal battle, knowing that any money you spend on legal bills would be reimbursed could make all the difference.
Legal expenses insurance does just that. It ensures that your business remains financially stable after a legal case by compensating all incurred costs.

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Tradesman Liability Insurance

Tradesmen and contractors require a specific cover due to the demanding nature of their work, and tradesman liability insurance arranged by the team at CSW Insurance Brokers Ltd is designed to work with the kind of challenges which might come up.

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D&O Insurance

It’s safe to acknowledge that more people are making liability insurance claims after suffering financial, psychological or physical loss resulting from professional negligence.
Directors and officers insurance – often abbreviated to D&O – is a specific type of liability insurance which allows professionals in a position of responsibility to focus on the job in hand rather than what would happen if someone sued you.

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Care Homes Insurance

We understand that as owners of a care home you are carers first, and business owners second. That’s why CSW Insurance Brokers Ltd’s friendly, specialist advisors are committed to finding pocket-friendly, care-specific policies to meet the needs of your premises and requirements.

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Pubs & Restaurants Insurance

By coming to the experts at CSW Insurance Brokers Ltd, landlords and restaurateurs can have the faith that their business protection can come with well-rounded cover, within their budget.
As well as you know your business, you can’t expect to be able to anticipate everything that could go wrong as insurance professionals might. This is what we do every day, and this experience is what helps us find a good solution for you.

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Hotel & Guesthouses Insurance

Hotel and guesthouse insurance that works for your business, whatever form it takes, can be more affordable than you think if the team of experts at CSW Insurance Brokers Ltd are involved.
Our advisers are not only committed to providing you with suitable cover, but with experience in identifying hospitality-specific risks, are keen to look at the wider picture to ensure that a small problem doesn’t turn into a big one.

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Fish & Chip Shops Insurance

They may be especially popular on a Friday evening but fish and chip shops need insurance that protects all day, every day.
Like most SME outlets, fish and chip shops require a certain type of commercial business insurance. At CSW Insurance Brokers Ltd we advise our clients to choose a fish and chip shop insurance policy that’s flexible, comprehensive and fit for purpose.

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Commercial Combined Insurance

Plenty of business owners turn to commercial combined insurance as a flexible and convenient way to insure a variety of risks under one simple-to-manage policy.

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Contractors Insurance

Our team at CSW Insurance Brokers Ltd have the experience and capabilities to offer advice on a variety of contractors’ insurance options, allowing us to help clients from all walks of the contracting world to insure their business with minimal fuss.

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